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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wednesday Tid Bits

It seems that my first Amazon Gift Card Giveaway will also be my last. As much as I enjoy shopping at Amazon, I don't appreciate their treatment of MacMillian authors and I'll be spending my money elsewhere. Powell's Books looks very promising. Lisa Shearin's blog outlines the problem well and has several links for those interested in researching the SNAFU.

The short story, Mermaid, that made the short list for publication in January was rejected. Sadness! I still have submissions in with six publications, though. So this story isn't dead in the water yet!

*beats the Grim Reaper of Story Books back with a red pen*

Under the heading of Something New, I've started a new story. Several members of my writing group are hosting a February Mini NaNo and, originally, I was going to work on At War's End. When we started on Monday I was mugged by a new story.

Well, not quite new. The idea has been bouncing around my hind brain for the better part of a year. Unlike AWE, I know how the story starts. With AWE I've worked out the ending, but the opening is hazy.

So at War's End is on the shelf and Twisted Metal is in production and on chapter three. I'm not sure it will be a full length novel, but I'm okay with that.


  1. Funny how those story ideas tend to sneak up on us! Good luck with it!

  2. I say horary to Powell’s. I’m from Portland and have the luxury of shopping at the real store. For non-Portlanders, Powell’s is the largest independent bookstore in the world. The new/used/and out-of-print books are all on the same shelves. The store is five stories tall and fills two blocks in downtown Portland. I have never looked for a title and not been able to find it there. They have everything, it’s awesome. I’ve never bought anything at Powell’s online, but I believe that out-of-towners can buy any book in the store online. Powell’s is actually one of the number one suppliers to Amazon when it comes to used and out-of-print books.

  3. Angela- Yeah, they sneak up on you.

    Kate- I have now put Shop at Powell's on my life long to-do list. :o) That sounds fabulous!

  4. I haven't tried it, but I hear the Book Depository is pretty good.