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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Twisted Metal

Ar Theta One, aka Roan, is a doctor in the Hospital of Little Mercies on the perpetually war-torn planet Pequena. She doesn't expect much out of life, although survival would be nice. The odds aren't in her favor, though, when she's taken to a military post on the moon.

During a military coup the prisoner Roan kept alive for torture saves her life, and loses his own when they crash land on an alien planet.

As a reminder, Roan has the metal shrapnel from the shuttle and a piece of the prisoner's face mask made into a ring. She wears it everywhere. Including to the new university where she teaches, and in front of a man with a familiar face and strange scars.

Explosions, bad decisions, and secrets alienate Roan in her new world. With a past like this haunting her, can she ever build a future?

This is part of the ViS universe and my February Mini Nano 2010 project.