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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dream Machine

iPad. Kindle. Nook. Readius.

Everywhere I look there's a new gadget that is a "Must Have!" All of them are touted as revolutionary, exciting, and inventive.

None of them give me what I want.

Readius is probably the closest, although you won't see it on the American market. Or, if you have, I haven't. It does fold into a small size and contain a decent e-reader. According to Next Web it also works as a phone. The Readius website doesn't say.

But if all these bad boy companies want me to give up my phone and computer so that the two powers combine, they're going to need to offer a lot more than a cool app store.

I want a basic phone (waterproof, shockproof, and easy to hold), with an e-reader (all formats, PDF, .doc, e-paper, backlit), stylus so I can write notes, wi-fi, usb, full-sized keyboard, camera, video, and over 12GB of memory.

To get all that I'm thinking they'll need to look into using graphene. The device will need to fold up to the size of a regular flip phone or small wallet. I want something I can easily fit in my pocket and that won't take up more room than my lipstick. From there it can unfold into am e-book (paperback size preferred - waterproof a must!).

And from there a full laptop-size screen with keyboard. And don't forget my stylus, I want to be able to scribble notes directly to the screen on any page so I can draw pictures of my friends when they call, take notes on the book I'm reading, edit a word document, or caption and edit a picture by hand before e-mailing to Meemaw Brooks.

The keyboard and screens can be touch screens. I touch type, but as long as the keyboard is laid out right I can figure it out. A little bubble or light might help. I like the way Microsoft Surface looks, but I've never played with one.

Get to work all you techno-geniuses. I know what I want, and you can have my money when it's on the market for a decent price. Let's say $59.99 after mail-in rebate?

File that under #nevergoingtohappen.

And file iPad under #badmarketing ideas. If I wanted to lug a laptop around, I would. And it wouldn't need a funny name.


  1. That sounds awesome and the price is just right! Too bad about that never happening part. :(

  2. I am totally with you on the iKotex... I mean iPad... I couldn't believe how BIG it was! If they would cut it in half... and maybe 1/3's of that... I would dig... but geesh, that is about the same as holding a hardback!

    I love that flexible thing... ;)

    Now if the iphone would allow a stylist option and become waterproof, it would be everything you identified ;) Cuzz I can read books on mine... never dipped it in a glass of water tho. ;)

  3. Waterproof! Did I forget waterproof? I need my dream machine to be waterproof. Babies drool. Dogs chew. Glasses spill. It's a dangerous world for tech out there!

    You know... I wonder if you could short-circuit a cyborg with a glass of water. Wouldn't that make for a fun story?

  4. Great post. Eventually, the perfect do-it-all gizmo will come out. :)

  5. It's 2010... Aren't we already supposed to have something like this to use in our flying cars?? They really need to get on that!

    Great post. :)