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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Quick Quiz!

Without looking at your notes....
1) The title of your Work in Progress is...

2) The third character to appear in the book is ...

3) Their eye color is ...

4) The manuscript fits what genre?

5) The main plot in one sentence is...

6) The major source of tension is...

7) T/F This work is part of a series.

8) T/F This is your first finished novel.

9) T/F You have an agent you know will love this manuscript.

10) T/F You've started the query letter already (just to practice).


  1. Argh, which one do I choose?? Writing (which one!) or editing? One of each:

    1) The Black Gates/Jesscapades
    2) A dead body %-)/In the current draft, Bek.
    3) Brown/Blue
    4) Both urban fantasy
    5) Thrust into her position as community healer too young, Athara is under pressure from the gov to find out why evil Black Gates are appearing - at any cost, even if it means following the demon.

    Dedicated student assassin is told she must kill her best friend, and uncovers a twisty plot surrounding the murder of her sister.

    6) Following the demon, juxtaposition of POVs %-)/Everyone's trying to kill the MC %-)
    7) T, though non-linked/T, a trilogy
    8) F/F, though Jess will be first completely edited
    9) T/T, I think and hope :S
    10) F/T :)


  2. 1) The Shadowborn General

    2) Titus

    3) Brown

    4) Fantasy/Mythic

    5) The story follows a character fighting for his two friends in a new land on the edge of war between the four races, little do they know of the chaos secretly growing by a forgotten enemy.

    6) Vespasian must discover his past, overcome numerous enemies, and adventure through the fairly undiscovered land of Etherea.

    7) True

    8) False - I have one chapter left on it

    9) False - I plan on self publishing, I don't care about making tons of money I just want to write a good book.

    10) False.

  3. 1) Blessed Beyond the Curse
    2) the heroine
    3) purplish-blue
    4) romantic suspense
    5) a social worker running from her past and an attorney running from his future must escape a threatening present together.
    6) threats from the villain
    7) F
    8) F
    9) F
    10) T

    come by the blog today...returning the favor with a blog award to you. :)

  4. 1. Auburn Queen
    2. the MC's mom
    3. Blue
    4. Fantasy
    5. When someone from her mother's past shows up on her doorstep she shows Jaclyn a fantastic world she never even knew existed but can this woman really be trusted?
    6. This new world is under threat of attack and Jaclyn knows who it is but no one will listen.
    7. T/F dunno yet
    8. T
    9. T hopefully! I have a full manuscript request...
    10. F I pitched at a conference

  5. 1) Long Way Home

    2) Amy

    3) green

    4) YA SF

    5) Two teens must find and stop the man unplugging the cryogenically frozen cargo of people in an interstellar space ship.

    6) Two of the cryogenically frozen people are the main character's parents.

    7) Possibly a sequel

    8) Oh, so very false.

    9) True

    10) True...but querying starts Saturday!

  6. 1. Story 3 (in other words, untitled)
    2. Wyatt Harper
    3. adorable
    4. YA historical mystery
    5. Girl uncovers a family's dark and twisted past while working in an antebellum mansion where nothing is what it seems.
    6. ...twofold. The house may be haunted. Also, she falls in love with a man who may have done something terrible to his first wife.
    7. F
    8. F
    9. F
    10. F (considering I'm only 3 pages in, this would be QUITE premature, haha)

    Liana, this was fun, thanks! (will you do this for your own WIP so we can read?)

  7. 1) Monarch

    2) Are you talking main characters? Characters who actually appear or who are discussed? You're too vague, Lei! Anyway, I'll just say it's Devan.

    3) Devan's eyes are green.

    4) Suspense/Romance

    5) A betrayed spy connects butterflies to the woman he loves and the terrorists trying to kill him.

    6) Will Nick live to make everything right between his daughters and the woman he loves?

    7) F - not a series

    8) F - this is my third finished novel

    9) F - I do not have an agent, but I'm thinking you-know-who might like it a little

    10) F - queries are not on my list right now.

  8. No notes? Eeks. Answering for both my WIPs, to see how I do.
    1) (a)"Trinity Coven"
    (b)"Fly with Me"

    2) (a) in the current version, not counting the dog, but counting phone calls: the MC's sister, Tali.
    (b) easy. Alexa Danelle

    3) (a) I have no idea. we don't actually meet her in person, just in voice.
    (b) blue? I should be more sure on that! she's a main character!

    4) both contemporary fantasy. though TC could also qualify as a Paranormal Romance.

    5) (a) Three goddesses are reborn to summon a great dragon, and three warlock brothers are set to stop them.
    (b) Magic is as easy as believing, but attracts hoppers that feed off that magic, killing the source.

    6) (a) the witch coven versus the warlock brothers. who's in the right, and what will the outcome be?
    (b) the threat of hoppers, magical beings who live off the magic of believers.

    7) (a) F (b) F

    8) F

    9) (a) F (b) F
    All my research has been for traditional fantasy, I haven't paid as much attention to contemporary. maybe I should refine my current list to only include those who do both...

    10) (a) T (b) T

  9. I checked my notes after. I was wrong about Alexa's eye color. Brown, not blue. Better get that in my head before the MC meets her.

  10. 1.) "Feral Legacy"

    2.) baby Wolf O:)

    3.) blue which shifts to gray and eventually turns brown

    4.) dark fantasy

    5.) An emotionally broken necromancer seeks a way to heal himself before his magic destroys him.

    6.) He's a slave in a goblin society and so his continued existence depends entirely on how good and invaluable he can make himself to his owners.

    7.) technically T (though it's prequel-ish and stands alone)

    8.) F

    9.) F

    10.) F

    Fun. :D


  11. 1- Under a Dark Star
    2- A servant in the gym
    3- None listed
    4- Science fiction!
    5- To survive a revolt at home Kit runs off to war. (my ever evolving sentence is not getting better)
    6- 101 Ways to kill me FMC
    7- F
    8- F
    9- T... maybe... I hope she'll like it.
    10- T and it's terrible

  12. 1) Diplomatic Disaster (temp)
    2) Aunt Rebecca
    3) brown with flecks of gold
    4) YA
    5) Novice diplomat fights pirates, zealous fanatics convinced she's their Eternal Princess, while seeking revenge on her aunt's murderers.
    6) People trying to save/kill protag
    7) T
    8) F
    9) F (haven't searched yet)
    10) F (they scare me)