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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What is a platform?
a) a shoe
b) something you stand on during a big band concert
c) something every author needs

Answer: C

Agents have ranted and raved about this. Editors have ranted and raved about this. Authors have ranted and raved about this.

The fact is, you can't be a recluse. Not every author can afford to take their book for a six month international tour. But every author can, and should, have a presence online.

HOMEWORK: Read this quick article on building your brand, and then leave me a note with a link to your blog, website, or Twitter account.

If you don't have any of those. Go start one and then leave a comment.


  1. Nice blog. Thanks for linking to that post. I'll check out WebsiteGrader.com today. My blog is http://laurarenegar.blogspot.com and I'm quirkywriter on twitter.

  2. My writing blog is...in the early stages.


    My review blog (sneaking in a plug here - it has increased my reading, and expanded the imagination of my Muse phenomenally)


    On twitter I'm nayuleska

  3. That article (and the entire site) is full of great information explaining things to people.

    I don't Twitter (although I have an account) because I don't have the time at a Twitter-enabled computer to follow it. But I've blogged for three years now. I have bought my web site name, but haven't got the web page written, lol. I've got Live Journal, Facebook, Twitter, a defunct Blogspot blog and my active Blog, though. I link to all the above on the main blog.