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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Absentee Blogger

You may notice that blog posts will sort of dwindle through the month of July. I'm wrapping up two major projects this month: the first draft of Under a Dark Star, and Baby #3.

Since I'm currently enjoying a high-risk pregnancy and delivery I'm visiting my doctor three times a week. That, and lack of scheduling available for things like labor and delivery mean I'm not home as much, and not on the computer as much.

I am trying to automate the blog so 2-3 posts arrive a week from now through mid-August when my schedule should be a little less hectic. Hopefully, I figured out how to auto-post correctly. And, hopefully, you'll forgive me for not swinging past your blogs to say hello on a regular basis.

Just consider me on a semi-vacation and expect me back in August!


  1. Hope all is well with both baby and momma.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Good luck on the delivery!!

  3. L, good luck!!! I hope I see you on chat at least...

  4. Looking forward to pics of baby when he arrives :)

  5. Hope all is as good as it should be. Best of luck with the delivery, and I'll keep you and the baby in my thoughts, Liana!

  6. Best wishes. I always appreciate your helpful comments.