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Monday, July 6, 2009

GUD4 Week 1

There's the GUD after one week in my less than tender and loving care.

Number of Times Read Cover to Cover: 1

Number of Stories Re-read Because I liked them and wanted to read again this week: 3

Number of states GUD4 has visited: 2 (I live on the border so this isn't actually as exciting as it sounds, but it's a fun tidbit)
Number of times GUD4 has wandered off with friends or family: 2

Damage Done: Gud4 now has a tiny bend on the front cover and some general wear on the lower end of the pages where I flip pages trying to find my favorite stories. No noticable crease on the spine yet. And no ripped pages.

Verdict? GUD4 does not need to be replaced yet :o)

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