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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Setting up the Scene Edit Break Down

Okay, this is what I've been staring at all morning, the break down of scenes and who-is-doing-what-where in the first 6 chapters. On my version the scenes are highlighted to indicate which POV is dominant (MC, Antag, Minor Character). The First two chapters need line edits but they're in shape. They flow well.

Today I'm tackling chapters 3 and 4 where you see (or I see at least) a problem. Chapter 3 is a lot of talking that introduces a world but doesn't actually move much. The pace is slow and even though the scenes are short it isn't wonderful. Chapter 4 is even shorter and has only one scene at the moment.

My goal is to make some judicious cuts in chapter 3 so I can pull the morgue scene in. The morgue is great, it pulls characters from chapter 1 in (dead, of course) and illustrates how vicious the killer is.

Anyways.... now that I know what I'm doing I actually need to get on task and do it. :o)
Scene Chapter
Crash 1
Chop shop lab 1
Tem’s drug buy 1

All-alarms fire 2
Miroslav’s office 2
Ice and Strauss 2

E9 cyborg scene 3
Ice arrives at Elysium 3
Tour of the Dome 3

Morgue 4

Miroslav gets a note 5
Aria and lost ships 5

Miroslav, V, Ice 6
Ice leaves Elysium 6

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  1. Sounds fun! I'm so glad you've gotten these sorted out - no more hair-tearing, yay! :D