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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On Task! Again!

Chapters revised today: 4

Total words edited or written: unknown

Where am I in writing? I've restructured the first 6 chapters of DoJ. I added two scenes and cut one. Tomorrow I need to write a new segue scene for the start of both chapter 5 and chapter 6. Then I need to do line edits. Chapters 7 and 8 loom in the future and the rest of the book is a dark Mordorish mess beyond that. I will persevere! Even if I can't spell anything right at this time of night!

Overall: After an hour of line edits, hitting the delete key, and abusing the copy/paste function I feel like the start of the book is coming together. This is good. These 8 chapters cover the forst 50 pages (more like 65) of the book and will be the first pages an agent reads. I want those pages to be aggressive. I want to leave the agents (and editors and readers) wanting more. Plus, I'm optimistic, I think that if I can just get these chapters in line some of the problems toward the end of the book will resolve themself. Like not knowing why the antagonist is there..... That would be a good thing to solve, don't you think?


  1. :D Probably.

    But you're right, these things to tend to sort themselves out eventually. You'll get it there - you're /getting/ it there, in fact. Nice work :)

  2. Oh.... (shudders) the slow going of editing. It makes me look forward to cool November, the rustle of dead leaves, and NaNo! The month when you don't have to edit, write. Simply create, not refine....