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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

On task!

Chapters revised today: 2

Total words edited or written: 4,853

Where am I in writing? I think I've finally worked out the kinks from the first two chapters of the Demands of Justice so that now I'm down to basic line edits. I can do line edits once I get chapters 3-8 to fall in line. Chapter 8 is the first quarter of the book and from there things shift direction slightly as the mystery and threats get worse.

Overall: I'm feeling good and productive. I did a lot around the house. I started digging a trench for my garden. And I have the chapters lining up so I don't feel so frustrated with them any more. The project is actually sounding doable and I'm thinking I might be able to make this the kind of book I want it to be.

One of the key ingredients seems to be the addition of the antagonists POV. This doesn't work well in all books or genres and I'm not usually a huge fan of this idea but it's working here. Part of it is giving balance to the writing. Part of it is tying in seemingly random scenes. The connecting thread in this book is the villian. He isn't a nice person. He kills many people. And on a fun twist to the series the MC of Penumbra Children (one of my other finished and unedited pieces) is this guys daughter. One of the major players in her book is a minor character introduced towards the end of DoJ. I like relevant tie-ins.

Will I get to keep my villianous view points? I don't know yet... the CC crew and my Critters haven't read or commented yet. I do know that I have to keep the view point relevant and not let the villian fade. I have a bad habit of letting a character fade out when I don't need them and that isn't good.

In the meantime, I'm off to bed. It's been a long day and I plan on being up early so I can beat the heat to the garden to do some more work. I can write after the sun comes up and the temperature hits triple digits.

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