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Friday, June 13, 2008

The Friday Random Post

T-shirt of the week: I write trashy genre fiction

Randomest phone call of the week: My younger sister calling to tell me it's unfair I don't work. (stiffles snorts of laughter) She isn't a Mom. She doesn't understand what real work is yet. (pats sister with a 5 hour work day on head)

Random Personality Test of The Week: What's in your purse/pocket?
- tide stain remover pen
- day planner
- checkbook
- challenge coin (it's an army thing)
- library cards from 3 states (none of which I live in)
- a Sea World pass that expired in 2004
- various ID's and cards I use now
- medical mini-records
- chapstick
- lipstick
- 1MG memory stick
---- What does this say about me? I have no clue. Probably that I'm trying to be organized and missing.

Best moment of the week: Getting furniture set up and boxes out of 3 rooms.

Worst moment of the week: Accidentally deleting the chapter I'd spent 3 + hours editing.

You might be an army wife if.... you really can move the house in four weeks.

You might be a writer if.... you spend more hours talking to fictional people than real ones.

Random quotes of the week:
"Mamma! There's shooter in the backyard!" (parachuters jumping within visual range)

"Mommy, why's that man wearing your pajamas?" (a soldier wearing his PT uniform, I
wear DH's old one to bed)

(after seeing troops at the gun range shooting) "Do their Mommys know where they are?"

"I am going to go burn Ice."

"Are you collecting dead flies again?" (after I sprayed the study with raid and the flies drank it)

So.... what's your random?

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  1. And this is what I love most about you - your ability to make me laugh :D:D Nice one, girlie. Nice.