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Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Random

Book quote of the week:
- It says here you were wounded in action. Did you return fire?
- No.
- Good.
- I shot first.

----Thursday Next talking to her boos Braxton Hicks in The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

Randomest phone call of the week: I called DH's grandmother, somehow we've neglected to speak to her in nearly a year. Eep! I feel horrible for neglecting her. It's okay though, she's a MC in one of my books because I love her name: Dusty.

Random Personality Test of The Week: The Meyers Briggs
I'm an ENTJ. I'm a fieldmarshel. I like organizing and bossing people around. Well, duh! My birthdays in August, I'm a Leo people! I fully expect to be showered with jewels, gold, love, adoration, fame, and money just for waking up. Trust me, it breaks my heart when the neighbors don't just come over and wash my dishes because I'm fabulous.

(ego check)-> still healthy!

Best moment of the week: Making a deal with DH where we each get a 15 minute backrib every night so we schedule out time to talk.

Worst moment of the week: Another depressing call from Sister Dearest. I'm going to switch phone numbers and not tell her. It would be better for my health.

You might be an army wife if.... your kids can identify military weapons by the sound and distance of the firing range..... you know your spouses SSN and not your own.......a writer friend talks about small arms fire and you immediatley think "Bradley"....... you actually know a kid named Gunner Abrams....you and your friends all list your marriage not by the number of years, but the number of months you've been together out of years married. It's a ratio not a concrete number (24 months out of 6 years of marriage....)

You might be a writer if.... the highest praise you've had all week was "lol!" on a critique. Which, honestly, is good because it was meant to be funny.

Chapter revised this week: 4

New books started this week: 2

Short stories written this week: 0

Number of queries sent this week: 0

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