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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Impulse Buy Book of the Week: UNDYING by Cyndy Aleo

What if the world isn't ready for your miracle?

Cameron Tattersall’s wife, Adrienne, should not be cooking breakfast when he wakes up. After all, he buried her yesterday. Yet the woman in his kitchen not only claims she is his wife, but also refuses to accept that she's supposed to be dead.

Cameron doesn't know what this woman is: hallucination, con-woman, or bona fide miracle. For all he knows, he's crazy, but her reappearance may return the only thing he ever wanted: a life with Adrienne.When their families discover Cameron isn't alone in his house, the couple learns coming back from the dead has its own set of trials: angry surviving family members, confused insurance companies, and a media storm that simultaneously wants to build the couple up and tear them down. There's also the matter of just who, or what, was buried in that coffin. Or not buried.

Thrust into the spotlight, Cameron and Adrienne have to decide whether living under a microscope is a fair trade for a miracle, and to reconcile their need for privacy with the desire for answers.


All About Cyndy! 
Cyndy is an author who hates writing about herself,especially in the third person. She’s been a barista, a rectory sitter, a computer programmer, a secretary, a tech journalist, and now a freelance writer and editor. Once upon a time, she wrote Twilight fan fiction.

She likes chocolate, subtitled movies, sleep, and HP sauce, and dislikes people who don’t like to argue and remain friends afterward.

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