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Friday, July 10, 2015

The Synopsis for JANE'S SHADOW as told by GIFs

 Chapter 1: where some stuff is explained in case you didn't read Book 1. 

Chapter 2: Sam is unhappy for REASONS.

Chapter 3: Books like this are why we all have trust issues. 

Chapter 4 - 16: This is the right answer.

Chapters 1- The End: Death. 

Chapters All Of them: Good advice. Destroy it! 

Oops. You didn't listen, Sam. You didn't listen.

Pick yourself up, girl. 

It's do or die! 

Sam is angry now. Real angry.  

 Bring. It. On.

Do not mess with Sam. 

 And we have a happy ending for everyone but the bad guys! Wheee!!!

Why did I do this? Because it's Friday and I can! Also, because I'm still editing and words are hard. If I could put GIFs in my manuscript I totally would at the this point.

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