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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Meet Thoran & Baby Drogan

Two hundred and eighty-nine water baby-gods now exist because the Gods needed a time shifter. As in ONE.  Only the God assigned the task doesn’t like to work at anything but weight lifting. So he inserted his DNA into an egg and when that didn’t work He acquired the test tubes of the head officers of the ship from the medic center and inserted their blood into the eggs.
He not only got his time shifter, but two hundred and eighty-eight additional geniuses.
Thoran was “too busy” (lifting weights and flirting with the ladies) to do the actually count the baby-gods. Instead, he left the counting to the scholars, who only knew of the ‘gifted’ that were in their school. There’s another poor child out there who’s being forced to work for the Path of Darkness. But no one is aware of him and the harm he will do. We’ll just have to hope that in this universe the Path of Light wins.
(Picture of Thoran)
Excerpt 1
“Zousan, we’ve located our time shifter,” Thoran said as he entered Control Central.
“So soon? You just began the seeding.”
Thoran grimaced. “I might have overdone it. They’ve got two hundred and thirty-nine geniuses on their hands. Could alienate the populace.”
Zousan stopped typing and glared at the shepherd. “That was heavy-handed.”
“I just wanted to get something off my list of objectives. My workload is impossible!”
Zousan was sick to death of hearing the same old wail. “Well, I can lighten it.”
“Finally!” Thoran turned to leave.

The way Zousan handled it was giving a new God, Pane, responsibility for the Oceanics. When Thoran’s past mistakes catch up to him, Zousan had his Second investigate exactly what Thoran had done to obtain so many geniuses.
Excerpt 2
“Thoran did tamper with the Oceanic’s genetics.”
“I figured as much. Exactly what did he do?”
“First, he infused his own blood into an Oceanic egg.”
“Damn it!”
“It gets worse. When that didn’t create the time shifter required, not surprising since he lacks that skill, he gathered used blood vials from the medic and instead of dumping them into the disposal unit as he’d offered to do, he extracted the residual blood and inserted it into the egg sacks. By doing this, the DNA came from different crew members, and the probability of getting a time-shifter improved immensely.”
“So we don’t have two hundred and eighty-nine Thoran half-breeds?”
“That’s a relief.”
“I had the medic go through his records and determine whose blood might have been in the tray Thoran took.”
“The tray held the blood of you, myself, Athena and your officers.”
In all his fourteen billion years in this multiverse, Zousan had never once sired a half-breed. Until now. “How soon can we test them?”

The Gods of Probabilities
Liza O’Connor
The Gods require a time shifter to ensure the Path of Light reigns during the final collapse of possibilities. To speed the process of finding an Oceanic with the specific talents needed, God DNA is induced in several batches of Oceanic eggs, resulting in a generation of brilliant tiny blue Oceanic children.
One charming boy named Drogan has the ability to manipulate quantum reality in ways that will strengthen the Path of Light. Only trouble is that his gift runs a high probability of killing him and wiping out the Path of Light for good.
While the bureaucratic Gods will try to assist, in Quantum all possibilities not only can, but do happen, so the future is never certain.
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About Author
Liza is a multiple genre author of 15 novels. A Late Victorian Series, The Adventures of Xavier & Vic, plus a spinoff, A Right to Love, is an ongoing series.    A Long Road to Love is a humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance series (5 books). She has two single books. One is a humorous, bad boys contemporary novel with ghosts, called Ghost Lover, the other is Untamed & Unabashed, a spinoff from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
Now, she’s rolling out her Science fiction series (with romance & humor) called The Multiverses. The first four books are slotted for last half of 2015.  In addition she hopes, if she hasn’t dropped from exhaustion by then, to re-release a sometimes humorous/suspense thriller called Saving Casey. It’s the story of a middle-class old woman who dies and wakes up in a trust-fund teen’s body with no choice but to turn around Casey’s life, despite the many bridges the teen has burnt.
Liza would love to know: What’s your favorite genre?
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  1. I loved this series. It is ironic that the Gods are so into themselves and looks that they did something wonderful with the Oceanics (the children who save some of them).

    1. It is an irony. Thoran actually did a great thing when he made them all brilliant. Otherwise poor Drogan would have been all by himself and unable to solve the problem. Zousan just didn't see the big picture on this. Thoran did good!