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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Release Week Spotlight #4: Armageddon Rules by J.C. Nelson

Have you read FREE AGENT yet? If you like urban fantasy and strong female characters you should probably go pick that up. ARMAGEDDON RULES is Book 2 in the Grimm Agency novel series. A Fairy Godfather, indentured servitude, fairy tales, and guns. You need this series and you need to win this contest because this an ARC of ARMAGEDDON RULES. You can't buy the book until February, but you can win it here right now.

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Marissa Locks, newly appointed partner of the Grimm Agency, has a reputation for making a mess of magical matters—although causing Armageddon is a new low, even for her…

Marissa is due for a little happily ever after. After all, she did kill the evil Fairy Godmother, end a war, and snag a sweet promotion within the Fairy Godfather's magical-problem-solving Agency. But between maintaining a relationship with someone whose amorous advances can cause third-degree burns, dealing with a killer-poodle infestation, and helping her best friend, Princess Ari, learn to wield spells more powerful than curing a hangover, she’s not getting as much peace and quiet as she hoped.

When an enemy from her past appears to exact a terrible revenge, Marissa’s life goes from hectic to hell on earth. With Grimm inexplicably gone and Ari trapped by a sleeping spell, Marissa decides to fight fire with hellfire—and accidentally begins a countdown to the apocalypse.

With the end of days extremely nigh, Marissa will have to master royal politics, demonic law, and biblical plagues in a hurry—because even the end of the world can’t keep the Agency from opening for business…

J.C. Nelson hates writing bios which means Liana gets to write one for him. Bwhahaha! He's a forty something writer, father of four, and quite possibly a surf rat, or maybe Bigfoot, he does live up in the redwoods of the Northwest. And no one has ever seen a picture of him. That's shady, yo. Bigfoot, surf rat, or normal human being he's a popular Twitter user and well known in writing circles. Make sure to ask him about the minions and the skeleton army with sequins some time. It's a great story.

Catch J.C. on Twitter (@AuthorJCNelson), GoodReads, or at his website

P.S. If you finish reading FREE AGENT before Friday's winner is announced you can pass the time dreaming of the ARC reading SOUL INK, a novella set in the Grimm Agency universe.


  1. I do not want to be Marissa! LOL! Master politics, demonic law, and biblical plagues in a hurry? It would really be the end of the world haha!

  2. Favorite book? That's hard. I would probably say, Opposition by Jennifer Armentrout!

  3. No favorite book. There are just to many. However... I can say that some of my earliest faves were The Giving Tree and The Mercer Mayer Frog books...