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Friday, January 16, 2015

Dog Update: DOG IS HOME!!!!

I have the best possible news for a Thursday evening: DOG IS HOME!

After his long delay in Kansas waiting for the weather to break Dog was finally able to get on the plane Wednesday evening. We were very lucky that an old friend from Texas who had recently moved to Kansas saw the blog post and was able to take Dog to her home (and get pictures of him holding still!). He stayed with their family for the better part of two weeks and, after a long layover in Minneapolis, is finally home!

I tried taking pictures but he won't hold still. He's bouncing everywhere, running between kids and parents, sniffing all over the house, and looks like he's in doggy heaven.

As a rescue dog the fear of abandonment is well ingrained. Even a week at the kennel is scary for my giant puppy, so you can imagine what was going through his poor doggy mind when we vanished and he went to multiple families and kennels trying to get back to us.

Now all that worry is behind us and all I have to do is keep Dog from trying to play with the moose. :)

Thank you to everyone for your well wishes, prayers, and support while our family was separated. You really are the most wonderful people. <3

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