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Friday, October 3, 2014

EVEN VILLAINS HAVE INTERNS... and release dates!

Oh, my lovelies! I have the best news to start your weekend: EVEN VILLAINS HAVE INTERNS has a tentative release date. And a solid print date.

Let me explain the tentative release date thing... Between me writing the book and you reading the book there are a few dozen unsung heroes and unseen steps. There's the content and line editors, the production team, the cover artists, the publicist who gets ARC (advanced read copies) out for review, and the the formatter who turns what I write into the ebook that magically appears on your reader. Or, sometimes, the formatter who turns the words on the computer into a book that you hold in your hand and that fits on a shelf.

When I signed my first book with Breathless Press they were a fairly small press and it was a simple process because my line editor and book formatter were the same person and I think he did the publicity as well. Back then, the time between signing the contract and seeing the finished product was about four months. Now things are a little different.

The press is bigger, there are more authors, we have more cover artists and formatters. That means six to eight months to production (still not to bad considering some big presses take years).

The very best way for you to know the exact, updated release date is to sign up for my newsletter. I promise, I don't spam. You aren't going to get weekly or monthly emails from me. You aren't going to get random FWD: Spam! messages from me or chain letters. I send out release dates, cover art, and contest info and that's it.

All of that information comes to the newsletter subscribers first. You get the first look at the new covers. You get to know the release date first. You get to know about book deals and sales first. And, because I know some of you are like me and signing up for newsletters is a hellish burden you'll only accept if there's a bribe, there is always one author copy set aside for a lucky newsletter subscriber.

In 2015 that means there will be two newsletter subscribers who get signed copies of EVEN VILLAINS GO TO THE MOVIES and EVEN VILLAINS HAVE INTERNS along with the ebook copy of INTERNS. Three separate chances to win free books just for giving me your email address. It's not a bad deal.

And you can unsubscribe any time you want. No hard feelings. I understand how cluttered in-boxes can get.

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