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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Did you watch the fireworks last night?

I have no idea if I did, this is another "write while the movers pack" post done weeks ahead of time. You know the drill... new year, new plans, new challenges, new ways of going crazy! Shall we begin?

Liana's Grand Plans for 2014...

- Don't go insane. It can be argued with some veracity that I've already jumped the shark here, but I'd like not to lose any more of my mind in 2014.

- Finish writing and then query the next three Heroes and Villains books (Even Villains Have Interns, Book 4, and Book 5).

- Finish querying JANE DOE to whatever end that brings.

- Finish LADY OF THE LAKE, because you need The Scottish UF in your life.

- Start JANE 2. Because. No other reason. Just BECAUSE.

- Try to enjoy the frozen north. There's a zoo and an aquarium and people! I can make this work. Somehow. Not sure how, but somehow.

- Go see Meemaw. She's not getting any younger and I want her to meet the great-grandkids while she's young enough to go hiking with them. Bonus: watching my kids see the Rockies for the first time in memory should be fun.

- Try not to go to Twitter jail more than once a month... TRY. #NoPromises

- Survive the December 2014 move to WHEREVER. I know it's coming, I just don't know where we're headed. Survival is key!

So... not to huge an undertaking, yes? Writing all of that is... 390,000 words plus edits next year. That's less than 2k a day. I can do that! Right? Oh... golly. *panic*

Let's just roll with it.

Happy 2014!


  1. *snickers* Insanity is hereditary; you get it from your kids.

    Happy New Year where ever you are and looking forward to hearing that you've settled into your new house.

  2. We're not in the new house yet. We've seen the new house though, so that's a plus. We should get the keys sometime next week and move in next Friday. ... and Move In means the boxes will arrive. I make no promises about unpacking, organizing, or having normalcy in the house before the end of the month. Possibly the end of the year. I might have unpacked everything by the next move. Maybe?

    1. Heh, I wasn't expecting a reply until after you had moved in.

      I know about being too busy/slow/uninspired to unpack. I still have stuff I haven't unpacked since we moved over two years ago. Of course, I also don\t have much room for stuff to be placed and since I can do without whatever's packed, I find it easy to procrastinate.

      Planning to go through everything this year and get rid of whatever we really don't need to keep.