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Monday, May 20, 2013

Finding Time To Breath

They say stress weakens the immune system, which may explain why I fell victim to a cold that won't go away. Between the computer failures (now fixed! I'm up and running again!) and illness I feel like a zombie.It's been a crazy couple of weeks. There's a lot going on behind the scenes right now with edits and planning and new books that I probably shouldn't talk about on the blog.

There's a lot going on at home too. If you've never taken four kids to the beach before I'm not sure I can explain the chaos of summer break with children. There's a strategy to making summer work right. Sunscreen needs applying at regular intervals, children need to eat more than popsicles no matter what the pre-schooler says, and I need to find out what the local laws are for tasers because the surfers were checking out my ten-year-old and I'm not ready for that. Really not ready. Soooooo not ready. She was in tears because some boy from school didn't call this weekend and my eyes just started twitching.

An all-girls Catholic boarding school with barefoot nuns in the Swiss Alps is not out of the question at the moment. Don't look at me like that! She's still in grade school! Grade school is too young for this nonsense.


I'm so not ready for the kids to grow up. Time keeps speeding by for me and it feels like I'm missing so much because I can't do everything at once. I need to take time to breath. Time to stop and smell the flowers, walk in the garden, float down the river listening to the bird's sing. The warm weather is finally here and I can't wait to go play outside!

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  1. Grade school is too young for that but it's been happening for a while. I know I couldn't believe it when my 9-year-old daughter (she's 28 now) came home upset because everyone in her class had paired off and she was one of the few girls left without a "boyfriend" for the year.

    We sat down and had a talk about relationships and how she and her classmates were too young to understand what being boyfriend and girlfriend really meant. I don't know how much it helped her but I think the experience is one of the reasons she has trouble believing anyone would want to be with her.