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Friday, May 24, 2013

The Long Week Of Crazy

I meant to blog this week, honestly. It was on my schedule and everything. Lots of things were on my to-do list this week and fell off in the hurly burly of life.

Good News: I rescued data from my hard drive! All by myself! I feel all kinds of geeky and powerful about this so let's ignore the fact that it required nothing more than the right kind of cable and the ability to plug a USB cable in. But whatever. I didn't need to pay some other geek $300 to rescue my data and that's what matters.

More Good News: Heroes and Villains Book 2 is with the last beta tonight for a final check over the new ending. My wonderful editor at Breathless Press is aware that edits are happening and is eagerly awaiting the new book. Exciting!

Other Good News: I have the final round of edits back for the anthology short story and it looks really good. You're going to love this universe!

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