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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Words on Wednesday

It's the middle of the week and we all need a break from reality.

Today's snippet from Heroes and Villains Book 5, which is Maria's book. This snippet is taken from the hero's POV. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Jordan Wilder...


He’d dreamed of her saying that. In his dreams she was begging for a kiss, now… “I can’t. This is my home. I’m safe here.”

“Not if the volcano erupts.”

There wasn’t a way to explain it so she could understand, not without bringing up all the reasons he lived off the grid, shunning society. He shook his head again, not willing to argue.

She rolled her eyes. “Fine. I thought as much.” The ranger stomped back to her truck, threw the door open, and pulled out thin white rectangles. “Do you know what this is? It’s an actual dead tree. Murdered, pulped, and flattened so you could sign your name right here and prove that I – loyal public servant that I am – did indeed come and warn you about the dangers of the erupting volcano, and that you – rancher and idiot – decided to ignore me. If you happen to have a good reason for doing this, you can write it on line two.”

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