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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Depression and the Changing Season

You've probably guessed this already, but I'm not a big fan of autumn and winter. They are cold, dead seasons and my views of cold are not fit for polite society. To say I hate cold is to miss a perfectly good opportunity to say I utterly loathe temperatures below 70 Fahrenheit.

As the seasons change, the leaves fall, and the inevitable gloom of winter settles over me like a wet, cold blanket. Cold winter light reflecting off frost crystals only accentuates the depression.

When I step back from all the things troubling me they really are Silly Little Things. Childhood dreams that didn't quite become reality...From a distance this is OK. When I wake up in the middle of shattered dreams though, all I see are distorted reflections of myself.

I want to hide under my blankets until spring when the weather isn't so dreary.


What do you do when the weather pushes your mood into the gloom of depression? Give me some tips and tricks for surviving the Winter Blues!

- Liana (who is hiding under her blanket right now and scheduled this post in advance)

1 comment:

  1. I put on my favourite cheerful music, grab some comfort food and curl up with a book. Preferably one that makes me laugh.

    Now, if it's November and December, then I try to do something Christmas related - bake, make decorations/gifts, wrap gifts, while playing and singing along to Christmas songs. It's hard to make me depressed leading up to Christmas.

    Of course, if it's snowing then I don't find the day gloomy at all. I'm one of those crazy people who like snowfalls.