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Friday, January 21, 2011

Five Things You'd Never Guess

Have you ever played this game?

I was introduced to the idea while working on a character. List five things a reader would never guess about your main character. When you rewrite, work details in so that if you told a reader later that your tough cop character earned extra money by working as a ballet instructor the reader could nod and go, "Yeah, I could see that happening."

It's also something fun to play with now since I'm welcoming so many new followers to the blog and Twitter.

Hi, everybody!

Five Things You'd Never Guess About Liana

1- English isn't my first language.
2- I've been bitten by a shark, and a moray eel, but not at the same time.
3- I hate to have my picture taken, but I used to work as a model.
4- I'm a writer, but I can't stand the smell of coffee (don't hate me!).
5- I've been shot at twice, I write about guns all the time, but I don't know how to shoot one.

It's your turn! Give me five random things about yourself, or your MC. Have fun!

P.S. If you knew those already, you probably know me too well. Can I bribe you into silence with some cookies?


  1. i can't stand the smell of coffee either, but i don't mind drinking it once in a while.

    thanks for posting this. it might help kickstart my brain with my WIP.

  2. Michelle- Let me know what you come up with. I'm still trying to fill in the blanks for my FMC.

    Maybe I should post what I have in the comments and you guys/gals can help?

  3. You know, I actually love the smell of coffee... but cannot stand the taste at all!

    Let's call that Random Thing #1.

    2) I've never broken a bone in my body. (Knock on wood.)

    3) I aced the U.S. military's ASVAB (vocational aptitude battery) with a perfect score of 99, which would have qualified me (intelligence-wise) to do any job, but I am sooooo not cut out for the military. I'm too much of a march-to-my-own-drum individual. (Well, of course... I'm a writer!)

    4) I'm actually a bit older than a lot of people guess. (Most think I'm in my mid-20's, but I turn 33 this year... not that I'm complaining about it.)

    5) This is quite embarrassing... but I spelled my middle name wrong until I was 18. It wasn't until my mom asked me "Why are you spelling it that way?" that I learned the "a" comes before "e" in Michael.

    (In my defense, I just figured that sometimes names are spelled different ways and this was one of those cases.)

  4. 1- Neither have I! (knock on wood)I have sprained almost everything though. >.<

    2- Lies, all lies. You're probably a super spy working MI and being a writer is just your cover. o.0

    3- To the best of my knowledge my father has never spelled my middle name correctly. Apparently there was an argument before I was born, and Dad kept to the spelling he liked even after Mum wrote out the birth certificate. :o)

  5. 1. Like Liana, I'm one of those unusual writers who hates the smell of coffee. I hate the taste even more.

    2. I've fallen down stairs, been hit by a car, been hit by a bicyclist, fallen off a roof, ran into any number of stationary objects while riding my own bike...and the worst injuries I've ever suffered are sprains.

    3. I look like I'm in my late teens, early 20's. I'll be 34 in May.

    4. I'm a massive introvert. As in social stuff scares the living crap out of me.

    5. I hate city life but honestly couldn't live without the conveniences that come from city life.

  6. Annika -
    1 - Yay! I'm not alone!
    2- I'm not sure if that's really good, or really bad... I'm not sure I want to stand next to you during a lightning storm
    3- I can't see how that could be a bad thing.
    4- :o) I'm an extrovert, and I probably would scare you in RL. I'm sorry in advance.
    5- I'm on the fence about city living...

  7. This writing exercise is so awesome I just had to blog about! Now onto the Top 5 Unknown Things about me:

    1: I was selected to go inter-state to a big week-long theatre workshop thingy that I believe was organized by the Australian Theatre for Young People.
    2: I had a foster-sister for almost a year.
    3: I'm great at mental arithmetic but such at general maths because I keep forgetting all the formulas.
    4: I have a really awful time remembering faces when there have been gaps of over 6 months.
    5: I named my little sister.

  8. came back to look at the questions again and realized i could tell you that my female mc's name is one letter off from yours - Tiana.