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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where the Bodies Are Buried

Amy Laurens, twin and partner in crime, sent this to me.

I'm sure there's a witty tie-in to writing here, but I'm laughing to hard to think of a one-liner.


  1. This is the BEST ADVERTISEMENT EVER. Seriously. I'm about to go link-crazy to ensure everyone else sees it.

  2. I think the title of this post is a brilliant title for a novel. I'd pick it off the shelf! You should write it, Liana.

  3. Shannon - I know! Australia is already on my To Do list for 2015 (shh! Don't tell DH!), but the ad totally sells me.

    Tess- 0.0
    *blinks in astonishment*
    You know, that could totally work for my current WIP. One of the bodies is missing from its grave.
    Tess! You're phenomenal! If I use the title on a published work, remind me to put you in the the acknowledgments.

  4. That's awesome. I've always wanted to visit. Now I have a second reason.

  5. Too funny! I usually just bury mine in the back yard, but it's starting to get full, and all those corpses throw the pH off something terrible, not to mention when it rains a lot--fingers and toes pokin up all over. I'll have to try Australia :)

  6. Jean - Writer's conference in Australia maybe?

    Mysti - I know someone who always wants zombies for Halloween, if Australia is to far you could try dropping them off with her in Canada. :o)