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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Q4U: Do You Love Aliens?

From Martians to Muppets humans have a fascination with aliens.

Sci-fi books always seem to go one of two ways with extraterrestrials, either there are no aliens, or the aliens are bizarre beyond all reason. With a few noticeable exceptions (Star Trek), movies follow the same trend.

Which leaves me wondering why? Are readers still fascinated with aliens, or are they out of date? Would you pick up a book about little green men from Mars, or is that too 1970?

Tell me, where are you on the alien debate?


  1. "Are you three?"

    I love that mupett movie. It's seriously one of my favorites ever. :)

  2. I really can spell Muppet...

    and the word "there" but that was a direct quote. :)

  3. I love aliens. Perhaps little green men are very 1970's, but that doesn't bother me. I still think they are groovy.

  4. I love me some aliens! I just took out "Need to Know: UFOs, the military, and intelligence" from the library the other day. And there was that "Roswell" series DVD set I bought a few weeks ago ;-)

    P.S. Not sure how I wasn't following your blog before this, but I am now! Feel free to follow mine back if you like (it's even got a cool new Alien background!) =)

  5. I didn't realize there was a debate, but since you asked...I love a well-done alien, even if it's a little green guy or not. I'm a fantasy romance writer, so I suppose my alien knowledge is rather slim. However, I do a very accurate impression of Marvin the Martian.

    If said alien is unique and interesting like any other character or story element, then it's good enough for me.

  6. If it's a person and not some cardboard cut out then I'm all for aliens. If they're boring, just there as a writing convention and not as a viable part of the story, and don't have anything to do but stand there and BE alien...then you can leave them out.

  7. I would read about aliens if it was well written.

  8. So... it's aliens for the win?

    I'll have to keep that in mind. I write sci-fi, but I tend to leave aliens out. either that or gun them down on site. Hmmmm.

  9. Seeing as I don't write from Earth's POV, I kinda have to be on the alien side. All my characters are alien to us. =P