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Monday, February 8, 2010

Nap Time

I am a #napwriter. When the baby falls asleep I break out the notes and word documents and write like my life depends on it. This is the only 50 minutes of peace and quiet all day. Except, BB fell asleep during playtime today.

He makes me laugh.

Anyways... back to the writing!


  1. Oh! That is soooo cute! Don't you wish you could still nap like that? If I did that now...I'd wake up needing a Chiropractor.

  2. Get that kid in daycare, STAT!
    No, kidding. You know, that's not even funny. He's too cute for it to be.

  3. Ar- I did move him to his crib. I can't believe his swing is that comfy. But, I guess anything is comfy at 6 months old.

    Scott- No day care. Maybe pre-k when he's 4 and going stir crazy at the house. But he napped for about 5 hours today, so we're good.

    Tere - I did. Topped out at over 2k today and broke the 100k hurdle for the year :o) Only 212k left to my goal!

  4. OMG. So. Cute.

    Serious Girl used to nap in the stroller with her neck at a dangerous-looking angle as well, and moving her was NOT an option.

  5. CKHB - In that case, the stroller would live in the study and she could nap away :o)

  6. Awww...cuteness overload! Glad you get at least one chance in the day to write.