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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Book of Print

"For the Editor saw the work, that it was passable, with fewer spelling errors than usual, and most of the commas in the right places. And said the Editor looked down upon the Writer and said: This is good enough for the Monday edition. No one can spell on Mondays."

- Book of Print Chapter 10, Verses 4 and 5

I really shouldn't be left alone. Crazy things happen. Like this explanation of my lack of weekend writing skills.

A friend suggested I make up a list like this, so I thought I'd ask the bloggity peoples for help. Suggestions? Comments? Thoughts? Flaming wooden spoons? (sorry - inside joke)


  1. LOL That's great. I feel that way sometimes.

  2. *flaming wooden spoon at the ready*

    Go! Go! Go! (write...!)