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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reading Time!


Because you aren't busy enough...

This week you just have a quick reading assingment and a little pop quiz.

Reading 1: Doin It Backwards

Reading 2: YOUR Platform

And then do this quick quiz:

1. Why do people need my book (as opposed to the thousands that already line the shelves?) What makes my idea unique? (Everyone must be able to answer this.)

2. Why must I be the one to write this book? What about my background or experience makes me the only one who can write this? (This is particularly important for nonfiction writers.)

3. What do I do really well? (Go ahead and list everything you can think of here, even if it doesn’t seem relevant.)

4. How much time and energy am I willing to commit to building this platform? (e.g. I will blog three times a week on my book topic, every week)

5. What would I like my platform to look like in a year? (e.g. my blog will have 1000 subscribers)

1 comment:

  1. These are hard questions!

    1) Because I would like to continue eating? :p Urk. Probably not what you're looking for. My stories are unique because my voice is. My characters are fun, and transmogrifications are almost guaranteed!

    2) Because I'm human. I write about human experiences, something I'm mostly qualified in. :p

    3) I breathe pretty well. I write well. I dance well. I...uh...am good at languages. And...um...I'm a good person?

    4) As much as is healthy. My family is more important than my writing, but my writing is pretty important too. :D

    5) NYT Bestseller--but better make that two years instead of one. :D