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Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday Random

Random Lack of Posts This Week: I have no clue what our cable company is up to, but someone managed to knock out the cable and phones for our county earlier this week. You know it's bad when even the wi-fi hotspots are down.

Random Post I have Planned: Falling in love with things you read.... that should be up next week.

Random GUD4 Damage this Week:
GUD4 has about 600 miles under it's covers, been read through once, borrowed once, and only one little bend on the front cover to show the wear it's suffered this week. All in all, I think that's pretty good :o)

I'll start posting reviews of my favorite pieces next week.

Random Photo of the Week:
Taken by my 6-year old daughter. I thought she did a good job. And I'll give a cookie to anyone who knows what I planted in the backyard because I honestly don't know what flower that is.

Random Progress of the Week:
Chapter 29 is done and the antag is dead! Hooray! I can see munchkins dancing on the yellow brick road... or maybe that's the cold medicine talking.

Also in fun news, my good friend at CarpeMousa has magically turned one of her partial requests into a request for a full. Everyone in the writing group has their toes crossed for her (fingers can't be crossed, we need them to write).



  1. that's a great photo - your daughter has talent (no surprise coming from a photog. like you).

    Friday Random?? Hmm...spent an hour explaining to my 84 year old neighbor that I would NOT take his Noritake crystal that he wants to gift me and that his children and grandchildren DO want it. too funny!

  2. Oh, awesome for Dani! I didn't know that. Goes to show what I miss on CC. *sigh*

  3. Wow re cable company. Do you think we have competition for World Dominion(TM)?

    Yay for 29 being done! Onto 30. O:)

    Awww, thanks guys. My toes and stomach are crossed as well. :D

    I look forward to hearing more about GUD.