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Monday, June 29, 2009

GUD Reading Challenge Kick Off!

Here's what happened. The entire post on reading habits (A GUD Question) has turned into a challenge:

gudmagazinethought is: we send you a copy, you blog about how well it holds up to your reading habits....

And who am I to say no to free reading material? Especially since my latest copy of Good Omens lost a few pages last week.

THE CHALLENGE: Take GUD Issue 4 (that's short for Greatest Uncommon Denominator) with me everywhere I would normally drag my usual reading collection and report back on how well the book withstands the perils of Georgia rain, humidity, drivers, not to mention the diverse terrors found in my house.

THE GOAL: See how long GUD4 can survive, and how much I reread the stories.

THE RISK: Missing pages, bent spines, stolen GUD, small children... Oh my!

THE REWARD: For me, new and exciting stories to enjoy, and new favorite authors to discover. For you, well, I'll be posting reviewettes of my favorite stories from G
UD4 on the review site Book Faire.

I have to say, I have read about five stories so far today and I've already found two new authors I can't wait to see more material from. The Q&A story is fantastic!

Where I go, there goes GUD4.

This means mornings at the doctor's office, at the playground, stuck in traffic, and by the pool. And evenings by the computer, on the couch, or next to a bowl of chocolate ice cream.

Make sure you follow on the blog for GUD4 travel updates and come find me on Twitter, @LianaBrooks, for commentary as we go!


  1. This is a great send-off! Looking forward to the continued adventures =)

  2. Hey! I just noticed you link to me! Thank you!

    I don't reread my books so often I destroy them, but that's because I own so many. I have bought replacement copies a few times due to damage wrought by dragging them back and forth, but not as often as you apparently do!

  3. I try to be gentle! And I'm better than I was as a student, but my books get beaten up.

    I have a bad habit of wandering around the house with a book in hand and leaving it wherever. And then, next thing I know, I'm eating breakfast with my book! Or DH takes a peek and the book vanishes for a week. Or the children decide to have a look...

    On the bright side, no one can accuse me of not promoting reading!

  4. I'd have to add a little dog to the perils of my home. Do you have any critters (other than the children) that would pee or puke on your reading material?

    Well, to be honest, my dog prefers to do his business in my closet.

    Good luck and let us know which author youlike best!


  5. Have fun, L!

    *poor, poor GUD*
    (May you RIP) :P

  6. Good luck with the GUD. Let us know how it holds up.

  7. Of course the more readers beat you up, the more of replacement you they'll buy. ;0)

    I'm a relatively slow reader, and rarely re-read. These days i keep wondering how unusual that makes me. Everyone seems to be talking as if they read fifty novels about four times each in the first year of ownership...

  8. Jenna- An assortement of fish, garden toads, and a rather runty 130lb mastiff. The dog is a good doorstop but shows little interest in books as long as they aren't where she wants to be sleeping. Then, they get drooled on.

    *places GUD a shelf higher for safety*

    mand - That's what I figure. If I love a book to death then I try to be nice and buy it brand new again so the author gets another 15 cents added to their royalty statement. After all, if I love the author I *want* them to write more and publish more.

    If I don't have new reading material I have a dangerous habit of coming up with new novel ideas. And, just today, I have enough!

  9. New novel ideas? With me it's reading others' stories that does that!