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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A "GUD" Question

Not only have I logged on to Twitter, but I've been exploiting the community aspect like crazy. There's nothing quite as fun for a writer as partaking in the insanity that is the writing community. And now we have a challenge forming.

It all started with THIS article by Bibliophile Stalker and the suggestion that a well-loved book might only be reread a dozen times or so in your life. GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) magazine linked to the article and so my response went to them: Only a dozen times? That's crazy!

I'll admit, I'm a picky reader and a lazy reader all at once. And a voracious reader, I suppose that's part of it too.

I leave books scattered across my house and in the car, pick up whatever is closest, and read it. New books wind up on the top of the pile but if I haven't added a new book to my collection recently, well, I read Diplomatic Immunity ten times last week because it happened to be near my favorite reading chair and it's under 400 pages. I'd just pick it up, and read.

After I realized I had the book memorized I moved Diplomatic Immunity and replaced it with The Thief Who Thought He Was Bogart. That's been read twice through since Saturday. But I digress...

So the question becomes: Do You Reread Books?

Do you ever have to buy a second copy of a book because it's worn or ruined?

Have you ever bought a third copy?

How long will a book or magazine survive if it follows you and gets read everywhere?


  1. There are many books that I've only read once, but those I love get reread on a regular basis. I have definitely had to replace books for wear and tear reasons. Not as much anymore. I much gentler on books these days.

  2. I reread books all the time. However, after several times through (6-10) I need to let them sit for a few years or it's more or less skimming and not as fun for me, because I'll know what's coming next.

    Witches of Karres is probably teh book I've reread the most. Imust have read that 20 times or more. And I did replace my vintage (1966?) original paperback when pages started to fall out during the last reread.

  3. By the way, you must read a lot faster than I do, and I read pretty fast!

  4. I'm with lotusgirl.

    I'd compare it to movies. There are some movies which I watch once and that's enough. Not because they were bad, but sometimes they are too emotionally draining or simply leave you satisfied without wanting more. I call these renters. Like "Saving Private Ryan" - I watched that movie once. That was all. War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise) is another one that I didn't necessarily HATE, but seeing it once was enough. Hunt for Red October (random) was another that I liked (especially for the singing) but didn't really feel need to watch ever again.

    Then there are movies which I watch over and over and over and over and over - like a comfortable blanket you reach for whenever you want to feel perfectly comfy or whatever. These are movies like the six Star Wars movies, Air Force One, Babe.... I love them for different reasons and that keeps me reaching for them.

    Then there are 'occasion' movies, like the Passion, which I watch maybe once a year.

    I'm the same way with books. There are some that are closest to my bed (bookshelf over my bed, another next to the bed, not including drawers and boxes under bed <- Guess where I do most of my reading) that are re-read the most frequently, and honestly I have NO IDEA how many times I've reread these books since I bought them. They are dear friends.

    The books stacked and boxed in my bedroom closet are those which I read a lot less frequently, though definitely more than ten times ever.

    I get rid of all the books I don't like (thank God for libraries and book donation thingies, otherwise I'd be accused of burning books, and then where would I be). A book I read only once is generally remembered as a book I didn't like for some reason. :P

    Destructo Reader? Not anymore... or not as bad as I was when I was younger. Most of the books from my childhood did not survive all the dogearing, lost pages, torn bookcovers.... I replaced most of them.

  5. Looking through my line up I do realize that I've been kinder to books since I left high school. But even then, I've replaced quite a few that have been lost in moves, or lost to friends, or lost to the ravages of children, or lost their bindings...

    It happens :o)

  6. I'm very careful with my books (they are my kin of sorts), so I've never had one that's about to fall apart. (The kids's books are another story) I reread often, mostly books I love.