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Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Random

Random Fun of the Week: Blueberry picking at a friend's farm. We have so many berries!!! We made jam, muffins, pancakes... gave blueberries away and have been eating them all week and still have a ton left over!

Random Conclusion of the Week:
Writing tired doesn't work. I get frustrated and then very negative about writing when I'm tired.

If I'm awake and energetic I can write something like 500 words in 20-30 minutes on average. When I'm tired it takes me over an hour because I'm too distracted to think. So, the goal is to avoid late-night writing for the next week and see how things go.

Random Progress on my WIP: I've finally found and ending I liked. It means cutting 3 or 4 scenes from the original and adapted outlines and some overhauls in the earlier chapters. But I'm okay with that.

I also realized that for a book with a military MC there aren't a lot of fights. I love fight scenes, I'm just not confident writing them. So I tend to hedge or skim over them. I need to stop doing this and just blow things up.

So..... what's your random?

1 comment:

  1. *punches fist in the air*

    Go, L! I'm glad you found one that worked! I can't wait to read.

    My random? Getting near the climax of Frog Feathers, which means the writing's getting harder. I have a psychological aversion to finishing a story. Empty nest, writer's version. >.<