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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Editing? What Editing?

Editing posts will happen next week, when I get back to editing. I'm writing this Monday night and it will post on schedule Tuesday morning while I am happily lost in a good book.

My To Be Read pile:

Relentless by Jack Campbell

Book five in the Lost Fleet series I am in love with the premise and characters. Five books in and I don't *know* that there can be a happy ending. I can't see where the series is going next and I love that about Campbell's writing.

I love the idea of a broken space fleet fleeing through enemy territory. I love the in-fighting between various ideologies. I love the shadowy third-party that's pushing a hopeless war to continue until humanity goes extinct. I love the time-delayed fights that I can clearly picture.

That takes skill.

Oh... and let's not forget there are TONS of explosions. I like explosions.

Price and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Graham-Smith

Oh, yes I did %-)

I am so excited to have this little gem in my collection now. I don't care if the writing is terrible (page one definitely was not terrible!) the look on the sales lady's face when I went to pay for this book after she'd kindly pointed out the Christian romance and Twilight books to me (because with two kids and a big belly that's obviously what I need to read).

Even better was explaining to my two girls what zombies were over a split double-chocolate cupcake. And then having my four-year old chase her sister and scream she was a zombie out for brains.

Aren't they adorable little girls?

They're going to their uncle's wedding this weekend. I bet they give their cousin nightmares!

The whole premise is that zombies have invaded Netherfield Park and Miss Elizabeth Bennet is going to rush in and save the day, or the ball, or whatever she wants to save.

As long as she sits back and let's the zombies gnaw on Caroline Bingley and Her Ladyship I'm all for saving the world.

I wonder if we can get a movie for this book.... with James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) as Mr. Darcy. What? He's British! Isn't he?

*looks at James*

Does it matter?

Anyway, while you read this I'm sitting in the OB's office getting a glucose test and scaring all the other pregnant Mommies in the office.


  1. Liana, you are so freaking funny! I can just imagine you in the OB office, nice and round, deeply engrosed in ZOMBIES, drooling over the savage good looks of James Marsters. Are the other women scooting away from you? Yes they are!

  2. Oh my goodness you have me rolling on the floor! Yeah, I'm sure Twilight is JUST what you want to read. Now, if somebody writes in zombies, it might actually be good. Zombies and vampires, yep. Great combo.

  3. I love the evil gleam in your eye at the sales lady's distress.

  4. I just love it when you can't see the end coming....that makes a great read.

  5. :) Heehee!

    If I pick up a book and read 'vampires' I put it down. Not my genre.

    Although there were sort of zombies in the last chapter of the book I've just finished. That had my laughing, a lot. All I could think of was you lot from CC.

  6. I want P&P&Z SOOOOO much!!! :)