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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Workout

Start by biking or walking one mile (you don't need a lunch break, do you?)

Then.... write 500 words of a free-form action scene. Just sit and write. Start with the character, any character, moving and try to keep the character constantly moving until you fill a page at 12-pt Time New Roman.

- any action is allowed

- DL is okay as long as it's limited and has an action rather than a DL tag

- you can not repeat an action word (walk, run, look, check, jog) more than three times (which is being generous I think)

- World-building and adjectives can only be used in the context of a tactile verb.... She ripped the purple curtain is fine... She looked at the purple curtain is not.

- Whips and red-hot pokers may be liberally applied to characters to keep them moving

Post your best action sentence when you're done. No editing needed. :o)


  1. It's good to see so many people avoiding their homework.


  2. Wait a minute! You're expecting? How did I miss that news? Congratulations!