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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Truth, being stranger than fiction....

Need some inspiration? Usually I find my inspiration in odd places. Today I found it in the hometown newspaper's headlines. I'm not sure if these are overdue April Fool's jokes or something else, but check them out.

Cattle Rustlers... yeah, that's what I thought. It's 2009, people! What do you mean cattle rustlers? Didn't they die out with John Wayne?

East Alabama Sam and the Search for the Golden Converter.... I think this is a local contest. I HOPE it's a local contest. If it isn't I don't even know what to think. Honestly.

Welcome to my home town folks. I'm not sure it gets weirder than this on a rainy Thursday* without invoking Vogon poetry.

*Why is Thursday highlighted? Scroll down to the literature section. See Arthur Dent? Connect the dots :o)


  1. I love getting inspiration from weird little news tidbits like that.

  2. In the 80s I was stationed in San Antonio Texas. There were a lot of cattle being rustled using high tech, like helos. And a lot of ranchers drove around with Class 3 (full auto) assault rifles. Because those cattle were pedigreed and expensive.