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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Can we say date night?

I'm so excited! Gambit is my favorite X-men, and he's finally in a movie! I hope the actor gets the accent right.


  1. *sighs at movies that aren't out yet* :P

  2. I won't get to see it until it comes out on blueray. :( Mom with crying baby = not really welcome in theaters.

    But it looks really good!

  3. Tara! This is why teenagers and neighbors were invented. It's called a "babysitter". Or, if push comes to shove, "girl's night out." Hubby can watch baby while you have dinner and a movie with the girls.

    No need to say *what* movie, right? Tell him it was another dull chick-flick. :o)

  4. My wife has already punched my ticket for this night, indicating that we had better plan for seeing that one in the theater. I was planning on it anyway, but its nice to know she wants to see it too.