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Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Random

Random 10 Points of the Week: 10 point if you know that dog breed. Sage weighs 130 pounds, if you're curious. And her favorite hobby is sleeping. She's also the inspiration for one of the few dog characters I've included in a book, Nickson, who is named after the FMC's ex-boyfriend.

Random April Fun: I've had rejection letters show up in my in-box that I forgot I submitted to the magazine. I only check the submission list when I get a request to publish in. But Merc had a fun experience where she was PUBLISHED and forgot she'd submitted. Whoops!

Random Moment in Life: April Fool's day was terrible. My friend's directions to her house led me over a hill and into a mud pit (I meant to say turn right! she says.... of course she did). That was a hairy few minutes. Rain continued and I hydroplaned into another car, at low speeds so no damage or injury, thank goodness. And my kids both came home sick. Lovely! I've now used up everything bad for the month and we're moving on to better and brighter things. OR ELSE!

Today the sun if finally out and I'm going to get some gardening done.

Random Thing That Looks Like a Book: Progress is being made... It's not leap and bounds progress, but it's progress. I'm editing chapters 11, 12, and 13 simultaneously because I'm shuffling scenes between them. It's kind of fun. Currently the main character is doing a good impression of dead. And there's no mention of zombies anywhere.

Random Quote of the Week: From Sir Issac Asimov - “Why spend billions to place a man on the Moon? If we don't, we may lose the Earth. If we do, we may gain the universe. You couldn't ask for better odds.” Take a look at this blurb about the next space race and let me know what you think.

Random Trick You Ought to Know: Did you catch the blog post about poisons yesterday? If not, go read it here at Graveyard Shift.

So.... what's your random?


  1. I loved that post on poisons. Very nice. :)

    Yay for progress! And no, I don't know that dog breed. Yikes!

  2. Poisons are fun, aren't they?

  3. She's a lovely mastiff, if I am not mistaken. My old landlord had one who weighed 203 when he finally reached full size at around three.

    Thanks for the poison link. A ramdom factoid for you: Distilled water is poisonous in quantity because the body's equilibrium causes you to lose electrolytes and minerals if you drink too much. So giving someone nothing but distilled water would kill them, or at least make them very sick. (I've been trying to think of a way to use that tidbit for a while.)

  4. ooo! That would be a clever way to kill someone. I wonder if you'd have to change their diet too?

    And, yes, full points! Sage is a South African mastiff. She's 6, and the runt of her litter. Poor little thing.

    Writtenwyrdd- what coral is that in your picture and is it yours?