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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Workout

First, spend five minutes away from the computer focusing on ten things you are grateful for and then....

Let's workout.

It's cold outside and I'm hungry. Pull a character (it doesn't have to be your MC) and create a short scene of them enjoying food and comfort. Share your favorite part.

From my current WIP, Under a Dark Star:

“How do you feel about field rations?” Khal asked as he scooted back into sitting position and twisted his leg around her to reach his boot.

Kit grimaced. “I think I’ll try this root first. It’s bound to have more flavor.”

Khal held out a water pouch. “Thirsty?”

Kit eyed the water suspiciously but took it. After a long drink she smiled. “Warm water, yum.”

“Tastes like packaging doesn’t it?” Khal agreed happily and then held out an energy ration. The look on Kit’s face, a mixture of utter horror and revulsion, made him laugh. “It’s just an energy bar. Nothing scary. No bats wings or spiders kidneys.”

“Pity, that could only have improved it,” Kit said as she wrinkled her nose and backed away.

Khal wiggled the ration at her. “Aren’t you hungry?”

“Not that hungry,” Kit promised.

“This will keep you alive,” he reminded her.

“Energy rations, proven to make your death slow and painful. Thanks, but I think I’ll stick with roots. There’s an off chance they aren’t poisonous.”


  1. I would have done this workout, but it's Friday now, and I have 134 more posts to read through. Hey, that's down from 170!