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Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Random

Random Blog Post You Need To Read: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Authors

Random Weather this Week: COLD! I thought I lived in the south!!!

Random Phrase of the Week: "Made of Win." Thanks Merc %-)

Random Word of the Week: CONCINNITY
Etymology: Latin concinnitas, from concinnus skillfully put together
Date: 1531
: harmony or elegance of design especially of literary style in adaptation of parts to a whole or to each other:

I am evil and used this in my sci-fi WIP. I can almost hear the reader's reaching for their dictionaries...

Random Frustration of the Week: I'm having trouble tracking down sci-fi agents. It seems like they are in short supply, or I just have the wrong connections. -AND- My children are trying shock therapy to get me to quit writing. Every time I sit down to write, some one screams, or needs help, or breaks a dish, or runs out of the house without a shirt on.... you get the idea. I usually can write 500 words in 10-15 minutes. Sometimes more. In the last three days I've managed 300 words. Total. Yikes!

Random Question of the Week: What warm weather thing are you really looking forward to? For me, I can't wait to see spring flowers.


  1. Warm weather?? Are you nuts?!?

    I want to stay cold. My lifelong dream is to become a popsicle.

  2. o.0

    Look. I know we're friends. But the idea of winter forever just makes me cry. That's mean. Against the 8th amendment even. Cruel and unusual to an intense degree.

    *reaches for extra blankets while tears run down her cheeks*

    If it doesn't get warm soon I may truly lose what little is left of my sanity.

  3. Warm weather is currently a dream. I'd like to see the grass. Which is currently buried under snow.

    I want it warmer. And not snowing. I want to go to work!

  4. Warm weather thing: Being able to take a freakin' walk every morning. I'm about ready to pull my hair out. And now it's raining today. Lovely. *glares at winter*

    Your word of the week is awesome! You need to do that every week.

  5. Here's the thing with sci-fi from a friend who writes it. You send your queries directly to the publishers. It's the only genre where you do it, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. I'm guessing that's why there aren't as many of those agents out there.

    That's a great word. Worth 50 cents at least.

  6. Lotus- you're friend isn't hoping for a big house if they send directly to the publisher. Several of the major sci-fi houses won't accept unagented manuscripts. Or, when they do, it's a year + wait to get a response.

    I've heard of people familiar with the industry and contacts trying this, but never succesfully. The only genre I know you can break into without an agent is the romance/erotica genre on the e-books and smaller presses.

    Some of the smaller crime fiction presses don't worry about agents either. But there aren't a lot of small names in sci-fi.

  7. I'm sure he's not looking for a publisher any more. They come to him. I was just telling you what he said. I didn't research it out because it's not my genre.

  8. Fair enough, if they come to him, more power to him.

  9. I must transfer blame for the phrase to Sparky ;) since (as usual) it's her fault for getting me started on it. :P But you're welcome anyway. O:)

    The warm weather I look forward to is not having to start my car early so I can sleep in...