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Friday, February 6, 2009

Spontaneous Generation of Unicorns...

Yeah, that's what I said. Spontaneous generation of unicorns? What? How? Why, for the love of my sanity why???

On a discussion of blackholes I stumbled across today:

One singularity punches a hole in the universe - when two combine it's an incredibly challenge to answer the simple "What the h*** is happening?" question, but you probably shouldn't rule out the spontaneous generation of unicorns. In fact you really couldn't rule out the interdimensional generation of a team of five color-coded unicorns which merge to form a giant MegaGalvaCorn, which battles space ninjas and eats dark matter.

The best part?

...these events are so titanic that they send shockwaves through spacetime itself, ripples in the fabric of reality that pulse outwards through the cosmos - and through us.

After a really bad week, a series lack of sleep, and the kind of chaos that made me a menace to society (I apologize to those who had the misfortune to interact with me this week) this just made my day. It's little tidbits like this that wake up the dormant creative energies until they crackle and laugh maniacally. The fabric of spacetime is not meant to move, ripple, or rip in any form. But to those of us dancing on the catastrophe curve of fiction this is the bread, butter, and a big slice 'chocolate cake of the business of creating "What if...?" scenarios.

I mean, what couldn't you do with ripples in the fabric of spacetime?

Imagine a planet so near such an anomaly that they got hit by successive waves of ripples. You wouldn't know what day or year you were waking up in!

Imagine a ship caught in these ripples a la several Star Trek episode, Sliders, and most of the Andromeda series.

Imagine Earth tomorrow finding out this kind of hit was coming....

Let's file this under research and pretend I'm not going to be up all night scribbling out new ideas.

Photo copyrighted to and courtesy of eic on Deviantart.


  1. Seriously, most of that went right over my head. But that's probably because it's late and I should be writing instead of staring at the computer and blogs like a complete idiot. Wait. Maybe I shouldn't be writing. Ugh.

    I'm sorry you had a bad week. I hope the upcoming one gets better. I had a bad week the week before this week and I hope this next week gets better or I'll shoot all the upcoming weeks and give up.

    I'm tired.

  2. I love "What if..."s! In fact, I was just discussing them with someone yesterday.

    Sorry your week stank :(


  3. That is evilly fun tidbits... hope next week goes better for you, L.

  4. Tee hee. Yaaaay ninjas!

    I mean, what couldn't you do with ripples in the fabric of spacetime?
    Make the Media bozos tell the truth for once?

    Fix the US economy?

    Get rid of Brittany Spears?