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Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Wish....

All right. 'Tis the season to get ridiculous.

I admit, I'm a bit of a Grinch this time of year. The carols, the stress, the cold! Oh yuck!

But even my tiny grinch-heart has a soft spot for big holiday wishes, day dreams, and the hope that the temperature will soar above freezing tomorrow (or that I'll at least get some Buffalo wings for dinner).


*breaks out the magic lamp*

Tell the Christmas Genie all about it, what do you wish for this year?


  1. Well I first of all I wish I knew how to change my comment thing to say different things.

    Second of all I wish you'd be super duper happy!

    *Misses happy Lei*

  2. Ahhh! I can grant that wish, Rie m'love!

    Go into blogspot, hit CUSTOMIZE, under the big block that says "Blog Posts" hit EDIT. Where it says COMMENT, delete and change to something witty. Preferably in a language I know.


  3. My wish this year? To make sure everybody gets at least one thing that makes them smile. :)

    I have my cameras. I'm thrilled for the next 5 years!

  4. If wishes were horses...

    The 'christmas wishes' thing really lost it's magic for me last year. I suppose my wish would be that people could actually enjoy this Christmas longer than they're able to gripe about it.

  5. Ah thank you dear Lei!

    As to my blog name it means "Not Sweet" in German. I'll try to find something in German for my comments!

  6. cMy Winter Wish (yes, I'm rebelling), is that we all stay happy. And we all get published one day. Cos I believe we will! Cos we rock!!!

  7. Well, I pretty much have my health, a wonderful mom and sis, a roof over my head, food in my stomach, clothes on my back... I'm blessed.

    I guess I wish I could get over my perfectionism and allow myself to just WRITE.

    Yuna--Yesh! We shall all be famous authors someday. And then we shall rule the world. MWa-ha-ha-ha!!! %-)

  8. I wish that my son will be potty trained before Christmas. If not that, then at least before school starts again in Jan.

    And for next year, I wish for an agent!

  9. I wish that everyone could have someone who loved them. Someone who made them want to be the very best they could be. :)

  10. Happy holidays from The Graveyard Shift!

  11. Marry Christmas, Lei!

    Try not to get too stressed out. :P