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Monday, December 29, 2008

"Also cute and fluffy!"

It's still sort of vacation. The kids are still out of school. And I'm still recovering from Florida. And I really want some fluffy, lite, brain-candy books to read.

So far I've read:

I, Robot by Issac Asimov
Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffery

Some people have argued that Asimov isn't light and fluffy reading, but I think it is. A perfect bathtub book. Very straightforward and relaxing.

Now I need some more ideas. What fluffy books do you love?


  1. Fluffy books? What's fluffy?

    *stares at bookshelf filled with classics*

  2. Pratchett! Pratchett is my ultimate brain-candy *hearts most heartily* Not that he's fluffy at heart, but eh.


    Shearin is good for brain-candy. Tom Holt is not /too/ bad, though I'm not sure he's your style... Ilona Andrews is reputed to be excellent (recommended highly by someone whose opinion I trust). Du Marier's good if you don't mind gothic, and of course Pride & Prejudice bears a bazillion rereads. Some good stuff on CC, though I note that most of my relaxing reading on CC is yours o.O

    Ken Follett does an alright quick-read thrillerish novel; if you don't mind cozy mysteries The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield is BRILLIANT...

    Uuuuummm... The Saggitarious Whorl trilogy by Julian May, Rings of the Masters or some such, a 4-book series by Jack Chalker... *tries to picture book shelves* Some of Orson Scott Card's stand-alones are pretty easy reads.

    I'd say Harry Potter, but I know you're not a fan. Oh, it's not brain candy, and you probably can't get it in the US, but the Silver Brumby series by Elayne Mitchell is great. If you can deal with MG then I find The Saddle Club is always great for candy %-) Mwa ha.

    Okay. Given I just listed The Saddle Club, I think I'll stop here.... I'm not procrastinating from the play, really I'm not O:):D

  3. Complete works of Shakespeare, maybe?


  4. I s'pose it depends on what, exactly, you think is fluffy. Nora Roberts has that tendency (Divine Evil is pretty fluffy and also very vortex-like with the sucking in. lol) LOTR isn't exactly fluff but if you're reading I, Robot for fluff, that'll do too. Dunno how you are on fantasy, but the Dragonlance Chronicles by Maragaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman is good, straightforward, and vortex-y. Beholder's Eye is amazing, but that's pretty old and I don't remember who wrote it...so that suggestion was worthless...

    Twilight is definitely fluff, but it's annoying fluff.

    Lemme just toss some titles at you. :)

    The Bright Forever
    The Oath (or anything by Frank Peretti)
    The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes
    The Ripple Effect
    The Romonov Prophecy (Hurt my head to read, but it was good and if you're reading I, Robot for fluff....)

    I think that's all the fluff I've read....

  5. I, Robot is fluffy because you can read it in under an hour. I'd list P&P and The Scarlet Pimpernel as fluffy, and anything Pink.

    Dragonlance tends to be too depressing for fluff, but most of Forgotten Realms is good fluff.

    Pratchett? The Rincewind books are fluffy, the guard ones not so much. I don't think Thud is fluffy, but I may be biased.

    And I can't take the computer into the bathtub. Hmmm.....

    *goes hunting more fluffy reading*

  6. Light and fluffy... hmmm, How about an essay on The Refraction Properties of C12-H22-O11 Under Centrifugal Force. (light on cotton candy) ;)

    Seriously though, Patricia McKillip's Riddlemaster trilogy is both good, and light, and fluffy, not like a kitten filled with helium, which is just wrong, but still good.

  7. Oh dear, Jon has found my blog.

    *considers sending zombies after him*

    No...wait.... I'm curious about light refraction and cotton candy. Did someone get a grant for that?

  8. Well, it's the lightest and fluffiest thing on my book shelf. The kitten is in some corner of the ceiling.