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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Play's the Thing...

Well, the play I wrote is approved and the casting will happen this Wednesday. It's due to be staged on December 19th.

Now, here's my question... how do I list the play on my sidebar? Officially, it's not published. No editor has seen it. I'm not sure I want to send it out for queries because I want the freedom to use the play with other non-profit groups with no budget. But it isn't in submission either.

.... Can you tell I'm slacking and not writing NaNo when I worry about stuff like this?

NaNo wordcount- 2322/50000


  1. Why are you worried about listing it in your sidebar? What the harm be in listing it? Am I missing something???

    *looks around stupidly*

    I'm not NaNo-ing either. I'm blogging. Because I'm lazy. Argh.

  2. Um... because I'm being obsessive because my brain went and fused after writing 1k in 30 minutes.

    If I could keep up a 2k an hour pace NaNo would be over very quickly :)

  3. Congratulations Liana.

    Maybe it warrents it's own section listed under performed?

  4. :o) I might have to do that.

    And, thank you. I have my fingers crossed. I'm hoping the play goes over well.

  5. congradulations!! hope everything with it goes well :)