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Monday, May 19, 2008

On a Whim

My entry for Nathan's contest since I don't have anything query worthy and my current WIP is presently a hard hat zone. From Kit and Khal:

“Hey, Sugar, want to play a game?”

“What game?” Sugar asked suspiciously.

“How about…” Kitten licked her rosy lips in thought. “How about we play Tryce?” she suggested.

“Tryce?” Sugar sounded alarmed. Khal tilted his head, the name sounded familiar. “We can’t play Tryce,” Sugar said firmly.

“Why not?” her friend protested. “This would be the perfect place to play Tryce!”

“We don’t have everything we need to play,” the blonde responded. Again the immediate party began paying attention to the pair, allowing the Troians to distract them from their fears.

“What don’t we have?” Kitten demanded.

“Flares. I distinctly recall the flares. You had quite a few last time, I remember because two wound up under my cot.”

“That was you?” Kitten giggled and blushed. “I never knew who that was. Wow! Talk about a hot time eh?”

Sugar glared. “You don’t have flares.”

“I can make do without them. I’ll improvise.”

“You don’t have a weapon.” Sugar reached over and rattled Kitten’s empty weapons holster. “You can’t play Tryce unarmed.”

“I know I don’t have a weapon.” Kitten rattled the holster for emphasis. “That’s what makes it so fun! I am at a total disadvantage; it’ll make the game that much more interesting. Besides, Sugar, this is me, when have I ever been totally unarmed?”

“I don’t care about your arms. What I care about is that I am seriously against playing this game.” Sugar glared. “You can’t, and you won’t.”

Kitten looked crestfallen. “Please? Just a little?”

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