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Monday, May 19, 2008

Comments! Editing :( Blog Black out :O

People left comments!
I'm shocked, delighted, mildly confused, and really thrilled. And now I feel very guilty for neglecting my blog. Dear Commentators- I love you, I'm sorry I neglected you, I'll do better.... after June 5th.

News You Need To Know:
The blog will be on blackout between May 28th and about June 5th as I move from the middle of Texas to the Alabama-Georgia state line. I knew the move was coming, now I have dates!

This is the part where I hit my head on the wall.

I'm part way through, hmmm, let's call it draft three of Demands of Justice. Things are moving along slowly because of the move, and I'm really fighting this one transition. It works, but the scene is flat and doesn't feel right. Does that make sense to any besides me?

Well, it isn't working. And then, today, in a flash of slightly dazziling optimisim I think I might have the solution. If I cut this and inserted that and rewrote these three chapters here than I might have something better. Maybe. If I'm lucky.

So I've printed out the first three chapters. I have my bright pink I-am-happy-darn-it skirt on. I have a big bottle of partially frozen water to keep my hydrated (and to dump on myself if I fall asleep) and I have my trusty red pen. It's only 18 pages single-spaced. I can survive that....

And when I'm done I'm stopping by Nathan Bransford's website and MissSnarksFirstVictim.... both are running DL contests and I'm quite excited. I need to see if I can find something read-worthy in the archives.

And (and number 2) in other news, since there are people actually dropping by from random websites to check things out and get a feel for my writing I will attempt to clean up the side bars by the end of August. Right now everything is in horrible shorthand that means something to me and anyone who can read my mind. I'll try and fix that. Remind me in July if you haven't seen any changes yet.

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