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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Editing, oh how I loathe thee!

My fatal flaw is my inability to put a description on a page without spending pages waxing poetic on the embroidery on a couch cushion. That gets painful and so I've resorted to not adding description at all, which is only slightly less painful.

My goal is to fine a happy balance between the two extremes.

I'm going searching for description!

And what better place to look than..... South Carolina? Well, okay, no it isn't the first thing that springs to mind but that's where my husband's job is moving him this summer so we're packing up next week and driving to South Carolina to find an apartment until we know for sure he's staying there. We have one picked out and if it's as good as everyone says our trip to central SC will be quick enough for us to take a few day vacation in Charleston. On our way home we plan to stop by the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

If nothing else it will clear my head and maybe put life back in perspective. I love moving. I love meeting new people. I love the challenge of carving out a niche in a new place and making a home wherever I land. I need to move, it's my gypsy blood, staying in one place for years on end is almost as depressing as suffering through nine months of winter. After a time everything becomes so bleak and miserable, there is no change, no growth, everything gets sterilized and sanitized....

Yes, I've been in Texas for three years now and it is THAT bad.

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