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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Under a Dark Star

Even an average person leads a double life, they have a secret personality that only a few know. But Kit Marlowe juggles three personas: Bess, the dutiful daughter waiting to be married for political expediency; Lizzy, a singer with a superstar life full of decadence and debauchery; and Kit, herself, pilot, friend, and prankster.

When her powerful family finally tires of her antics as Lizzy, and finds her less Bess than they like, Kit is told to lay low some where. And when the death threats pile up the only sensible place to hide is the one where she can carry a gun.

With her best friend, Beka, Kit enlists in the home fleet, is sent to war, and finds herself on a POW death march making friends, plotting revenge, and trying to untangle a web of lies and deceit that could only have been hatched under the light of a dark star.

Under a Dark Star is a sci-fi WIP currently nearing 50k.

This is one of those pieces where it helps to know some history. Particularly about the 16th century playwright Christopher Marlowe, a man accused of being a spy, a homosexual, and an atheist all in his lifetime. And who was freed from a trial for "services to the crown" but who still met an untimely and mysterious end. Throughout the book the life of futuristic Kit alludes to the life of the Elizabethan playwright.

I think a person who doesn't know the history can enjoy the book, that's my goal at least. But for readers who are familiar with Christopher Marlowe as a historic figure I think this will be a lot more fun. And they'll probably catch more of the jokes and innuendo

Kit Marlowe
Beka Sweets
Khalil Miles
Jace Miles
Edward Marlowe
Winifred Marlowe
Thomas-Edward Marlowe

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