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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Captain Kit Marlowe

All you ever really need to know about Kit: she's armed, she's dangerous, she's rich, and someone wants her dead.

Kit is nearing the bottom of the Marlowe hierarchy, but still making waves. As lyracist Lizzy Marlowe Kit she makes a fortune that fills the Marlowe coffers, but she also creates scandal.

Lord Edward Marlowe, CEO of the Marlowe Gens, sees Kit as an embarrassment, chaos just barely under control.

Lady Winifred Marlowe sees Kit as a threat. She knows Edward is interested and doesn't know how far her husband will go to keep Kit's money in the Gens. Seeing Kit dead would make her much happier.

Thomas-Edward, the successor to the title of CEO, sees Kit as a potential ally and asset. But he's willing to kill her if she can't be his.

When Kit's vacation plans take a violent turn and she winds up a prisoner in a silent war all those threats pale in comparison.

This is what I imagine Kit looks like when she's posing as the singer/poet/lyracist Lizzy Marlowe .............................. -->

The woman in the picture is Apostolia Zoi, a Greek singer. The photo was taken by and copyrighted to Maria/MaRaDinn

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