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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fate vs. The Muses

A popular game in the Dovinian Republic's Warrior-caste is Battle, a game similar to chess that pits the nine muses against the figure of fate.

Warriors learn to play this game set on a 9x9 grid when they are very young to teach tactics and, it has been suggested, politics.


6 Fate pieces (3 blue/ 3 black)

18 Muse pieces (9 blue/ 9 black)

7-sided die numbered 0-6

9X9 grid board alternating gray and pale blue (like a chess board)

Set Up:

- Muse pieces are set in a staggered row directly across from Fate

- Only one Fate piece goes on the board to start

o The second Fate piece can be placed anywhere but not until after one of the conditions is met:

§ One muse killed

§ 10 moves are completed

§ the player rolls a six 4 times

o the third Fate piece may be added after one of the following conditions are met

§ 4 Muses have been killed

§ 30 moves have passed

§ the player rolls a 3 9 times

How the Pieces Move:

Fate - can move in any direction as many spaces as the die shows until blocked or Fate captures a Muse

- If the player rolls 0 twice in a row Fate can jump to any unoccupied spot on the board

The Muses~

The Hero (star)- moves only in straight lines, protects two rows on all sides around her

The Wise (scroll)– Can not be moved first, moves at a diagonal if the number is even, straight if the number is odd. Protects in a direct line from her last move.

The Singer (bar of music)- always moves the right in relation the nearest Fate piece. Protects the diagonal squares for two rows around her.

The Mother (child)- can move in any direction but only if the dice rolls less than 4. Protects for one row in all directions.

The Betrayer (raised dagger)- Always moves in the direction of Fate. Creates a hole in barriers for one row in a straight line.

The Dancer (posed pirouetting with butterfly on hand) - Can leap pieces- moves in an L shape (like a chess Knight), can not move unless the dice rolls 4 or higher. Protects the two rows ahead of her (diagonal and straight for two rows) and ahead.

The Bride (flower)- moves in a diagonal but the last move must be straight. Protects for two rows behind and to the side

The Pure (pouring water)- Can not move in the direction of Fate. Cancels out The betrayers hole. Blocks for a whole row in straight axis

The Seeker (orb)- Moves straight if the number is 2 or 4. Moves diagonal if the number is 3 or 5. Can not move on 0,1, or 6. Can not be the last Muse. Blocks for four rows on the diagonal.

The object of the game is to capture all of your opponents pieces and control the board.

How To Play:

- Arrange 9 blue Muses staggered across from the first black Fate piece.

- Fate is placed in the back left corner.

- The Muse player rolls first

- Each player gets a chance to roll the dice until one side is completely taken from the board.

- Each captured piece becomes the property of the player who captures it.

- The winner is the player who either controls all the pieces or who owns the most pieces at the end of a set period of time.

Note: No, I've never seen a game like this but given some free time and I will make my own set and see if these rules work. If you get a chance to play before me I want to know about it!

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